About Roles and Tutorials

As a robotics team, we realize that when most people first start joining, they have zero knowledge base. We fully understand that, and we completely accept that. That is why we have well-designed tutorials that last around 3 months to teach you the basic knowledge of the stream you choose. So many excellent team members all start from scratch and they are the ones who support this team.


The following session will take you through each stream in detail.


  • A mechanical engineer is responsible for the design and manufacture of the robot's basic structure and mechanism. All the things you can see physically except wires and boards are mechanical engineers’ responsibility.

  • As a mechanical engineer in this team, you will need to know how to use SolidWorks, a CAD software. You need to get a feeling about the design process and design pattern of a robot. You will need to design a special mechanism to solve problems.

  • You will also need to know how to do manufacturing work. How to operate the CNC machines, laser cutting machine, 3D printer (FDM, SLA), tube cutter. How to use Taobao as a manufacturing center.

  • There are so many other things that we will not list it here. As a mechanical engineer in this team, you will be exposed to a lot of resources that you can use. It will be a treasure for you in the future.

  • Do not know all the things above? No worries, that is what tutorials for. All the above will be covered in tutorials, and it is a great chance to learn.


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  • The management here specifically refers to a promotion, Investment & Inventory manager. It is not the one who lead the whole team.

  • The promotion manager is responsible for managing the website, the social account, poster making, souvenirs design, and making.

  • Investment managers help to persuade big companies who are interested in us to invest their money to our team.

  • The inventory manager is responsible for properly managing all the properties in our lab.

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