Team Positions

As an Engineering-Business team, we realize that most new recruits may have next to no knowledge of their chosen positions.


We understand your difficulties and worries.


That is why we have designated tutorials to teach new recruits the basic knowledge of the engineering stream you chose, so newcomers could contribute to the success of the team immediately. 

The following session will take you through each position of the team in detail.

Research and Development Positions


A mechanical engineer is responsible for the design and manufacture of the structure and mechanism for the robots.

As a mechanical engineer in the team, you will need to know how to use SolidWorks and other engineering-design software. 


You will need to be familiar with the design process and design pattern of a competitive robotics project.

You are also responsible for manufacturing parts for the robots.


For example, operating CNC machines, laser cutting machines, 3D printers (FDM, SLA), power tools, and more.


A hardware engineer is responsible for the design and maintenance of PCBs, soldering, and wiring on the robots.

As a hardware engineer in the team, you will need to be familiar with Altium Designer to design PCBs and practice basic software knowledge for PCB testing.

You will also need to know the usage of a variety of instruments such as oscilloscopes for our development efforts.


Software engineers are split into two groups. Embedded, and Computer Vision (CV).

As an embedded software engineer, you will start by developing library modules.


During the process, you will get in touch with topics like basic programming, API design, low-level communications, writing sensor drivers, and microcontrollers.

After that, you are going to start developing control systems to control different mechanisms of the robots, you will be using the library modules developed previously to complete such tasks.

As a Computer Vision Engineer, you are responsible for developing auto-aiming, long-distance shooting, and all the functionalities that are based on images/video processing.

There will also be tasks such as wiring, soldering, and helping mechanical engineers to conduct testing.

Operation Team

Non-R&D Positions

For operation positions, we favor onboard training over tutorials for recruits to get familiar with the team quickly and effectively contribute to the team.

Business & Finance

The Business & Finance team is responsible for accounting for the expense of the team, drafting endorsement documents, and searching for potential sponsorship opportunities. 

Logistics & Supply

The Logistics & Supply team is responsible for accounting and managing the resources of the team and to discover reliable suppliers.


The Media team is responsible for managing the social media of the team ( such as Facebook and Instagram ), website, and to promote the team in HKUST and to the world.

Art & Deisgn

The Art & Design team is responsible for designing the team logos, team attire, aesthetics of the competition robots, and team image. Knowledge in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Premiere Pro will be preferred.


The Cinematography team is responsible for producing media to promote the team, including but not limited to photography, video production, and editing. Knowledge in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Premiere Pro will be preferred.