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RECRUITMEMT for RoboMaster 2021

​Recruitment enrollment opened until OCT 1st

Recent Activities
Recruitment for RM2021
Thu, Oct 01
Oct 01, 12:00 AM – 11:59 PM GMT+8
HKUST, Clear Water Bay, Hong Kong
Recruitment activities opening for all HKUST students (UG and PG). The process will include a short interview, tutorials for basic robotics knowledge and a internal competition.
ENTERPRIZE Information Session 2021
Time is TBD
Location is TBD
Time is TBD
Location is TBD
Are you still a bit hesitate about whether to join us or not? Do you want to know more about this competition and us. Come to our information session and you will know everything you want to know.

About RoboMaster

What is RM?

RoboMaster (simplified Chinese: 机甲大师; traditional Chinese: 機甲大師; pinyin: Jījiǎ Dàshī) is an annual intercollegiate robot competition held in ShenzhenGuangdongChina, founded and hosted by the drone tech giant DJI. First started in 2015, it is the brainchild of DJI's founder and CEO Frank Wang, and jointly sponsored by the Communist Youth League Central Committee, the All-China Students' Federation (ACSF) and the Shenzhen City Government. It is the first shooting sport-style robotics competition in China.

RoboMaster is one of the four major robotics competitions under the China University Robot Competition (simplified Chinese: 全国大学生机器人大赛; traditional Chinese: 全國大學生機器人大賽) banner, along with Robocon, ROBOTAC and the Robot Start-ups Competition. It currently includes four sub-competitions — the RoboMaster Robotics Competition, the RoboMaster Technical Challenge, the ICRA RoboMaster AI Challenge, and the new RoboMaster Youth Tournament.

RoboMaster 2020 GameFile download

The link will take you to the downloading page of latest game file of RM2020

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Enterprize is the robotics team attending RoboMaster representing HKUST. The team was formed in 2016 and is one of the best Robomaster teams around the world. We are the Championship of the international region from the very beginning, and till now we have won the championship 5 years in a row. We are the Top 12 teams in 2019 and we will become better and better.

As an individual robotics team under the Division of Integrative System and Design (ISD), we have our own lab space and we possess a lot of resource, you may want to click the button above to learn more about our lab space.

Different roles in RoboMaster


Mechanical Engineer

Responsible for mechanical design and robot manufacture

Software Engineer

Responsible for the programming of the robot.

Hardware Engineer

Responsible for the electronics design of the robots.

Mangement Team

Including promotion, investment and inventory management

HKUST, Clear Water Bay, Kowloon, Hong Kong

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